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Rotating vessel collection

Help us support local artisans by creating your blend in one of these limited-time-only rotating vessels. 

In an effort to support local, Einnim purchases 10 to 15 unique pieces from talented creators throughout the states to give you the ultimate blending experience. 

Once we've sold through, we support a new local artisan, keeping the love going as often as possible!

Once you've finished burning your candle, repurpose your unique vessel as a planter, drinking cup, pen holder, you name it!

Know someone who would like to showcase their work at Einnim's Candle Bar? Email us at

Einnim-Fall-2023-Product-09-19-2023-20 Large.jpeg

Artisan: emris
Instagram: @emrisceramics
Location: Chicago

**Please note that we are unable to hold rotating vessels.

Previous artisans...

forgotten property (chicago, illinois)
for us, dear. (chicago, illinois) 
my terracotta home (webster, texas)
lindamakess (seattle, washington)
coyler house creations (mcclure, illinois)
moderniche (los angeles, california)
botanical moon company (white haven, florida) 
lex moderne (lawrence, kansas)
made by kippen (charlotte, north carolina)

inked in style (rockville, maryland)
gravesco pottery (indianapolis, indiana)
trapdoor pottery (chicago, illinois)
geoform designs (boise, idaho)
​ (chicago, illinois)
nu panther studi
o (berwyn, illinois)
little fire ceramics (milwaukee, wisconsin)
rise and shine ceramics (chicago, il)
pineapple whisk pottery (oak park, il)


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