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Einnim Candle Bar + Apothecary

Made in Chicago.

Einnim is an interactive retail experience that offers custom apothecary products, handcrafted natural products, and locally-sourced lifestyle products. Customers who visit our brick-and-mortar location located in Oak Park, IL can experience the fun of creating their own custom soy wax candles and various other apothecary products using a unique collection of over 30 premium-grade essential and fragrance oils. 

Since launching the business on Etsy in June of 2020--during the height of the pandemic, Einnim has grown from a small online shop to a brick-and-mortar location, e-commerce store, candle-making events coordinator, and wholesale provider of natural apothecary products to over 15 locations in Illinois. 


Our Bigma

Einnim (Minnie spelled backward) was named after a woman who knew what she wanted and knew that she deserved no less-- my Bigma.


What better way to celebrate her strength and resilience than by curating products with natural elements for a genuinely organic experience?


Our Purpose

It is important for Einnim to work hard to build a household name that breathes equality, happiness, health, and positivity and to give others like us the opportunity to shine in a world where they've been placed behind tinted windows. 

Each and every product is made with intense attention to detail and a desire to provide our customers with outstanding quality.

We can genuinely say that we are not here to compete, to challenge, or to overshadow. We are simply here to FINALLY do what we love. 

Einnim products are cruelty-free and tested on yours truly before production and consumer purchase.

Our Product

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