Soap Curing Time: 4-6 weeks


EINNIM soaps are safe to use after a few days of curing. However, for best results, we recommend letting your soap cure for 4-6 weeks in a cool, dry place with good airflow. Excess water will evaporate, which creates harder and milder bars that last longer in the shower.

Soap Making: Cold Process

Cold process soap making is the act of combining hard and soft oils with sodium hydroxide lye which then causes a chemical reaction called saponification. 


*It is important to note that bar soap cannot be created without the inclusion of lye and any claims that this ingredient is not included are false. 

Once the saponification process is complete, there are no remains of lye which then causes the mixture to form a light, medium, or thick trace allowing the mixture to be poured into its mold to begin the soap curing process (see above).

EINNIM uses premium ingredients for their soaps. All soaps are palm-free, not only help prevent deforestation but to save the wild orangutan population as well. Because palm oil is not used in our recipes, substitutions are made with high-quality oils that will provide a better experience for all skin types (especially sensitive skin). 

Soap Making: Melt + Pour

Melt + Pour soap making process includes all steps taken in the cold process method. A base is then formed for purchase allowing for the base to be melted to its most liquid state and combined with your favorite essential oils and additives. Melt + Pour soaps have already gone through the curing process so they do not necessarily require 4-6 weeks, but we do still recommend allowing for the allotted time for best results.  

EINNIM Melt + Pour soaps are handcut with the best quality organic melt + pour bases. Palm-free and created with limited ingredients. 

Why did we choose to move to Cold Process soaps? In an effort to have full control over our recipes, we decided that it was the best move for us.


Growing up in a family with TONS of skin sensitivities, being immunocompromised myself, and having a nephew who has suffered from severe eczema from a very young age, EINNIM made it a goal to create recipes that selfishly, our family could use! 

A variation of the bastille soap (approx. 70% olive oil, 6% coconut oil, and palm-free), our recipes are near and dear to our hearts. 

How to Prevent Candle Tunneling

  1. The first time you light your candle don't trim the wick. 

  2. Let the candle burn long enough to get the entire top liquid wax. This takes about an hour per inch in diameter of the vessel. So if your candle is 3" wide, let it burn for at least 3 hours.

  3. After the first burn, try to let the candle burn for as often as you can to keep that really wide opening and prevent tunneling later on.

Note: Allow your custom EINNIM candle to cure for 1+ week, covered for a truly mesmerizing cold and hot throw.

Candle Making Process

All EINNIM candles are made with premium essential oils and soy wax in an effort to make sure that your candles are pure with a beautiful cold and ​hot throw.

Soy wax, essential oils, and components have been sourced from the most reputable wholesale companies available and each candle is made day of purchase to ensure that your custom candle is of the best quality.

There is a science to curating the perfect candle. To ensure that the fragrance oils combine accurately with the soy wax, they absolutely HAVE to be added at the right temperature. If you plan to make your own soy wax candles at home, 180-185 degrees is the perfect starting point!


We can't express enough the importance of letting your EINNIM candle cure for 1-2 weeks, covered, to allow the essential oils to breathe and smell even stronger as the time progresses. 

Guide to Essential Oil Combinations

If you're having a hard time deciding ​on what blend is best for you, check out our Guide to Essential Oil Combinations for a bit of guidance!


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