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Broken Trunk

Earthy/Woody (B)

Dark Patchouli (EO)

Oud (EO)

Sandalwood (EO)

Oakmoss (EO)

Cedarwood (EO)

Black Pepper (EO)

Rosewood (FO)

Teakwood (FO)

Amberwood (FO)

Black Tea (FO)

Santal (FO)

Eucalyptus Branch

Camphoraceous/Spicy (T)

Eucalyptus (EO)

Cardamom (EO)

Tea Tree (EO)

Vetiver (EO)

Camphor (EO)


Citrusy (M)

Grapefruit (EO)

Neroli (EO)

Bergamot (EO)

Lemongrass (EO)

Lemon (EO)

Sweet Orange (EO)

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 4.37.55 PM.png

Sweet (T)

Chamomile (FO)

Ylang-Ylang (EO)

Colorful Flowers

Floral (T)

Rose Centifolia (EO)

Jasmine (FO)

Lavender (EO)

Basil Leaves

Green/Herb-Like (M)

Marjoram (EO)
Green Fig (FO)
Clary Sage (EO)
Basil (EO)
Spanish Rosemary (EO)               

In an effort to remain as natural as possible, Einnim Candle Bar + Apothecary uses essential oils with a small mix of premium-grade fragrance oils. 

We like to be as transparent as possible, so you'll notice that EO (essential oil) and FO (fragrance oil) are associated with each scent. 



Fancy and fragrant?

YOU decide where your scent journey will end!

NOTE THAT SEASONAL NOTES ARE ADDED FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Call for a list of our current seasonal notes.*

*T (Top), M (Middle), B (Bottom)

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