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Guest Blogger Spotlight: Get to know, Vanessa.

Hey Einnim friends! As you all know, it has been super important for us to highlight the amazingly talented women who have motivated us to build this brand.

We had the honor of meeting Vanessa, CEO of Dough when our journey first began, and we have been in awe of her success ever since.

She welcomed Einnim into her network with open arms and we have been beyond grateful for the amazing love and support we’ve received from the Dough team ever since.

We have a TON up our sleeves this month, this being one of them.

We wanted to give our readers the opportunity to meet some of the super amazing women in our corner by featuring just some of these amazing ladies in our Guest Blogger Spotlight!

So, without further ado… meet CEO of Dough, Vanessa Bruce.


I’m a CEO of a venture-backed start-up and I have Endo. Here are 6 women-owned products I swear by to reduce pain and encourage rest.

At the start of the year, I was diagnosed with Endo (Endometriosis). I cried in relief to get a diagnosis after nearly 10 years of doctor’s visits and insurance battles to get to the point to have surgery. It was an isolating experience and a journey of questioning myself. Was the pain and chronic fatigue all in my head?

If I’m honest with myself, I’m just starting to realize what my diagnosis will mean for life moving forward. The reality is there is no cure and it’s under researched despite 1 in 10 women having Endo. A lot of us are left to our own devices to trial and error what works for our bodies. Now, I’m on to the next chapter: Healing. This includes allowing myself to rest and nourish when my body calls for it.

Here are products I both swear by or are trialing into my routine to reduce pain, encourage rest, and curb flare ups. Shameless plug alert: all are women-owned and available at my company, Dough, a marketplace to shop from women-led companies.


These packs were miracle workers after surgery and a go-to for my abdominal cramps, leg cramps, and fibrocystic breast flare ups. I have two on standby: 1 in the freezer and 1 available to microwave. I love that the sleeves are removable to throw in the wash.

I get a serious sweet tooth, for chocolate specifically. Phasey’s Period Chocolates are my go-to. Not only do they curb by craving, they are packed with 10 mg of CBD.

I swear by my weighted blanket. As soon as I cozy up under, it’s a clear signal to my body it’s time for rest.

At first, I was curious to make a switch to a cup for environmental reasons. Turns out, it’s helped decrease my pain as well, and I’m not alone. To date, I’ve noticed less severe abdominal cramps when I use a cup versus tampons.

Along with my cycle comes cystic flare ups in my breasts. I love both the support, flexibility, and barely there feel of Underbares. The Everyday Bra adapts with my ever changing body without sacrificing comfort and style.

I’m just about complete with my first month of Marea’s PMS Elixir, a multivitamin with 15 key vitamins and minerals. To date, I’ve noticed a reduction in bloating and an increase in energy.


We ❣️ Lita and Einnim for creating a space to share fellow small businesses.


You can learn more about Endo at


Be sure to follow @joindough on IG and if you are a woman in small business, we HIGHLY recommend joining their marketplace!

Don’t forget to follow @einnimlifestyle on IG as well and join our mailing list to take 15% off your first purchase and be the first to know when our next guest blog spotlight pops up!!

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