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Guest Blogger Spotlight: Get to know, Jennifer.

Hey Einnim friends! We took a mini-vacation last week, but now we're back and ready to share another guest blogger spotlight with you 😊.

This one comes from Jennifer, owner + creator of Meraki Botanicals. We've been super into researching ways we can change up our morning routine, so Jennifer's post came just in time!

Without further ado, meet Jennifer.


Morning Routine

Mornings are one of the most magical times of the day to me. I used to not be a morning person at all, but then I took on a soft & sweet morning routine that has helped make every morning so special.

I wake up around sunrise most mornings and spend a few minutes breathing and actually waking up to the world. On rising, I stretch, kiss my pets and my partner, and head to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

I like to use a handmade coconut oil / baking soda / peppermint toothpaste to brush my teeth - baking soda clears away stains & freshens breath while coconut oil soothes irritation and clears up bacteria. I will follow that up with Meraki Botanicals' Flora Oil to cleanse my face. Next comes the Flora Mist to hydrate with aloe vera and floral waters, then a swipe of Flora Balm on my lips and eyes to lock in that hydration.

My morning drink is a big cup of coffee with a little sugar and alot of oat milk. After applying some peppermint & lavender essential oils to my wrists and neck (for calm & gentle focus), I spend a few minutes sitting with my coffee to meditate. This has been a game changer for me. As someone who rarely slows down, this time for myself in the morning is so helpful to clear my head and prepare for the day.

After meditating, I'm ready to start the day! I light a candle - I love EINNIM's Jasmine + Patchouli candle - and sit down at my laptop to check in with my emails and to do list. Throughout the day, I will spray EINNIM's Lavender Body Mist around my space to stay calm and focused on my tasks. I also like to end my day with the body mist, spritzing it around my bed and on my pillow for a good night's sleep.


Be sure to follow @merakibotanicals on IG and FB and check out her wonderful products at

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