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Custom Einnim Gift Box

Give a loved one an EINNIM gift box with your personal favorites!


Gift sets are beautifully packaged in a 100% recycled box with crinkle-cut shred filler and wrapped in brown kraft paper with brown twine. 


Please refer to individual product pages for a full list of ingredients.


Candle Scent Options (Blend Guide Here): *Ask about our LIMITED TIME ONLY SCENTS


Floral (TOP NOTE)

Rose Centifolia  EO

Jasmine FO

Lavender EO

Palmarosa EP


Sweet (TOP NOTE)

Chamomile FO

Tobacco Vanilla FO

Ylang Ylang EO

Amber Vanilla FO

Vanilla Black Currant FO

Coffee FO


Camphor/Spicy (TOP NOTE)

Anise Star EO

Cardamom EO

Eucalyptus EO

Tea Tree EO

Ginger Root EO

Vetiver EO


Green/Herb-Like (MIDDLE NOTE)

Marjoram EO

Green Fig FO

Clary Sage EO

Basil EO

Spanish Rosemary EO



Grapefruit EO

Neroli EO

Bergamot EO

Lemongrass EO

Lemon EO

Sweet Orange EO


Earthy/Woody/Musky (BOTTOM NOTES)

Dark Patchouli EO

Oud EO

Sandalwood EO

Oakmoss EO

Cedarwood EO

Black Pepper EO

Rosewood FO

Teakwood FO

Amberwood FO

Black Tea FO

Santal FO

Custom Einnim Gift Box

PriceFrom $12.50
  • We accept returns or exchanges on all items but soap bars in EINNIM Gift Boxes. 

    If a return is requested, the refund will be processed on either the original tender or an EINNIM gift certificate. 

    Email (Subject: EINNIM Gift Return Request - Order #) with your order number, the item you'd like to return/exchange, and the reason for the return/exchange. Once received, we will promptly get back to you