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Pet Odors Be Gone!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The infamous cat litter or wet dog smell does not go unnoticed for fellow pet owners. While our fur babies bring us an abundance of love and companionship, they also drain a hole in our pockets when it comes to pet deodorizers, detergents, room sprays… you name it!

Oftentimes we find ourselves resorting to harmful chemicals that release an overabundance of toxins into the air. This not only becomes a health risk for us hoomans, but our pets as well.

So, today we’re going to talk about some of the natural approaches for combating those odors. Essential oils definitely should NOT be ingested by you or your furry buddy, but they do serve as a great odor neutralizer.

First, let’s talk about some DONTs…

  1. Because pets have significantly lower body weight, they are more sensitive to essential oils. We want to avoid over-exposing our little buddies to too many smells all at once.

  2. Again, while it goes without saying, pets should NOT ingest essential oils. If their hooman isn’t down to taste that yummy smelling grapefruit oil… then why would they?!

  3. Avoid using undiluted essential oils on your pets. Similar to certain foods, certain essential oils are a no go for our little buddies. Example? While I absolutely LOVE lavender and tea tree, my little guy will not be able to indulge in the calming powers of our Lavender Body Mist with me. Sorry, buddy!

  4. When you’re planning to diffuse your essential oils, be sure to do so in a well-ventilated room with a cracked door/window or two. Unless your buddy is one of Dr. Doolittle’s patients, he/she isn’t going to be able to tell you that the scents are a bit too much for their little noses.

Now that the DONTs have been addressed, let’s talk about the essential oils that work wonders on neutralizing pet odors.

First thing’s first, always be sure to take into account the 1) antibacterial and 2) antiviral properties of your essential oil selection(s). Antibacterial properties help to fight the bacteria and germs that often pave the way for those nasty odors.

A few of my antibacterial favorites:

  1. Eucalyptus

  2. Peppermint

  3. Lavender

  4. Tea Tree

  5. Lemongrass

A few of my antiviral favorites:

  1. Tea Tree

  2. Lavender

  3. Eucalyptus

  4. Frankincense

  5. Lemon

Combination ideas that we love and use at home…

  1. Frankincense + Lavender

  2. Lemongrass + Tea Tree

  3. Eucalyptus + Lemon**

Now that you are an expert on how to kill those stinky odors, head over to the EINNIM shop to make your own custom blend in one of our 8 oz Soy Wax Candles or pick up a few Lavender Cedarwood Scent Pouches to toss under the seat in your car or under your couch cushions… you’ll thank us later!

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